Friends, Drunks, Stoners, Lend Me Your Eyes; McDonald’s Will Be Offering Delivery In January! (But Only In 3 Cities)

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Ever get blitzed and necessitate critical nourishment because you have the munchies or because you want to prevent a hangover and you crave some fried goodness from McDonald’s, but you know full well that if you drive you could endanger your life or someone else’s?


Well, the much anticipated day is coming when fucked up people may have salty, crispy McDonald’s fries delivered to their home!

Starting in late January, McDonald’s will begin testing a delivery service!

God bless ‘Murica!

Here’s to America racing up the Most Obese Countries list (Currently, the U.S. is ranked #12)


But there’s a catch.

It will only be offered in three Floridian cities: Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

Nearly 200 restaurants will allow customers to order from the menu and have their food delivered to their door via the UberEATS app or website.

And just like Uber, you will be able to track your food’s progress in real time to see how cold and soggy your fries will be.

Now you can have the infuriating frustration of McDonald’s fucking up your order, BUT in the comfort of your own home!


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