McDonald’s Employees Revealed How To ALWAYS Get Fresh Fries, Ways To Save Money And More Cool Hacks

These Are The Best McDonald's Hacks According To Employees

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  • There are plenty of ways to hack the menu at McDonald’s—including these tips and tricks from the people who know better than anyone else
  • A number of employees shared the best way to save money and get the freshest items at the chain
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I hate to admit it, but I eat McDonald’s food probably more often than I should. (Cue the one time is too many jokes.) But considering the sheer numbers that McDonald’s puts up in terms of people served each year I am far from alone.

I simply cannot get enough of those delicious fries, people. They’re…just…so…good.

Sorry. Anyway, some former employees of McDonald’s were nice enough to share on Quora some of the secrets they know that will take your fast food experience to the next level.

The Best McDonald’s Menu Hacks

For instance, speaking of those gloriously tasty french fries, here’s how to make sure that the fries you get are always fresh…

If you want fresh fries, order them sans salt. This ensures that we have to make a new batch, just for you. You could also request a fresh batch and you’re likely to have good luck there, too. This same trick works for a Filet o’ fish ordered without the cheese. ~ Mackenzie Shelton

Here are a few more tricks and secrets that you also may not have known about (because I certainly didn’t think of them)…

My favorite hack is if you like Big Macs, but don’t want to pay the un-Godly price of up to $4-5 for the sandwich, just order a McDouble, but without ketchup/mustard, with Mac Sauce and lettuce. It will be the same minus the middle bun. ~ Chuck Chan

Always ask for your burger without some ingredient. Like a Quarter Pounder with no pickles. They will write this on a small slip of paper, put it on the tray under the heat lamps and say “Grill Up!” to the cooks. They will look at it and make you one right then and there. When it’s done, the cook will say “Grill Up!” and the counter person will retrieve your fresh QP. The difference in taste between a burger that’s sitting for who knows how long and one right off the grill is phenomenal. ~ Ted Pettit

In the UK we have 2 periods which are known as Gapbuster Times. Basically between 12-2 and 5pm-7pm workers have to be extra careful because that is when gapbusters (mystery shoppers), who are paid, visit McDonald’s restaurants and rate their experience. This then goes to the overall store rating and every store manager will do everything to ensure this rating is as positive as possible.

It is easy to spot a gapbuster because they always ask for a receipt (so they can get their food costs reimbursed by the company employing them). So, if you ask for a receipt in that time everyone will be immediately alert that you could be a potential gapbuster and they’ll make sure to serve you the freshest burger and fries and give you priority over everyone else. ~ Kamran Adnan

If trying to use coupons at the drive thru (particularly those great deals you have on the app), let the order taker know that you have more than one order and use your coupons away! (It will only take off one per order.) ~ Mackenzie Shelton

My colleagues and I would request our Double Cheeseburger bun steamed in the Filet-O-Fish bun steamer instead. Because that helps to melt the cheese later.

I also often request for some lettuce in my Filet-O-Fish because I think Fillet is the mosst boring burger ever… A fish fillet, some tangy sauce, and half a cheese slice, THAT’S IT?! Come on!!! ~ Alya Nadlin

I worked at a McDonald’s down in Texas one summer, and I realized something strange about one of the most commonly purchased breakfast sandwiches.

Sausage Egg McMuffin (sausage patty, cheese, & round egg on an English muffin) – $2.99

Sausage McMuffin (sausage patty & cheese on an English muffin) – $1.00

Side of a Round Egg (à la carte) – $0.99

So basically, if you order a Sausage McMuffin off the Dollar menu and get the egg on the side, you save 33.3% of your total order. These prices aren’t exact at all McDonald’s locations, but I have since only ordered my Sausage Egg McMuffin like this, and it’s always cost me under $3 🙂

Similar with the 2 cheeseburgers meal. This I can’t verify works at all locations, but a 2 cheeseburgers meal at my location cost $4.99. If you bought all the parts of the meal separately, it was $0.99+$0.99 (cheeseburgers) +$1.00 (drink) +$1.79 (fries) = $4.77. Not much you’re saving, but still something. ~ Aaron Koshy

And here are some “secret menu” items you can try to get the next you visit, according to Justin Adams


“Lettuce Wraps”: Take any burger or sandwich you like. Hold shredded lettuce if it has it, add leaf lettuce, ask them to make it a lettuce wrap if they look confused. I eat them just like I would a sandwich or a taco, but a lot of people grab a fork and knife.

MacDouble: Mcdouble. hold ketchup, hold mustard, add mac sauce.

Deluxe Mcdouble: McDouble, hold lettuce, and onion. Add onion slice, leaf lettuce, tomato.

Premium Side Salad: Side Salad. Add grilled chicken. (Or add bacon, or add steak, or any other of a variety of options).


McCrepe: Pancakes smothered in Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait (Some locations are persnikity about this, and you’ll have to add the two together yourself.)

Brunch:(10:30-11:00. Although at locations that offer some breakfast items all day, it can be done all day.)

Double McMuffin: Order a mcdouble hold the bun, and a McMuffin, Ask them to stack the mcdouble inside the McMuffin. It’s like 400 calories, making it a very substantive breakfast, but it’s a great combination of flavors.

Chicken McMuffin: Egg McMuffin, add chicken patty (grilled or breaded, your choice. Alternatively, the ground turkey patty can work too.)

Check out the rest of the secrets and hacks over at Quora.

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