This McDonald’s Hot Sauce Prank Is So Perfect And Easy, That You Will Use It Tonight On Your Friends

Some pranks take days of planning and involve a small army of people to pull off the joke. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’ll take a simple prank that makes my someone’s life miserable over an elaborate ruse any day of the week.

This evil mastermind planned and executed what may be the perfect prank. It’s mean-spirited, but no one gets hurt. It’s straightforward, and anyone could go home tonight and easily pull this off on their friends or their nana.

These British lads stop at McDonald’s for a McBangers & Mash or whatever the fuck they serve over there. The prankster offers to go into the fine restaurant to get the food. He brought plastic wrap and hot sauce along with him and poured a healthy amount of the spicy condiment into the plastic. He then carefully wrapped the plastic around the straw of the beverages. Inserted the bags of hot sauce into both of the cups very inconspicuously.

He returned to the car with the tasty meal. The prankster pretends to take a sip of his drink. When his friend George drinks his refreshing beverage he gets a mouthful of searing hot sauce and immediately begins coughing and cursing.

“You fucking dickhead! Oh what the fuck!”

He then takes the prankster’s drink and you betcha, welcome to Hot Sauce City.

“You fucking twat!,” he screams.

Meanwhile the prankster is giggling his fucking ass off.

The hidden beauty of this masterpiece is that the victim thinks the entire cup is filled with hot sauce so he can’t even contemplate that there is actually fire-containing liquid inside. And the planning to do the hot sauce treatment to both cup is so magnifique!

Alright, you know the game plan, now go invite your friends to a hospitable dining experience at McDonald’s tonight.