McDonald’s Wants You To Eat McBrunch There



Fast casual dining spot McDonald’s is looking to trademark for potential future use a name for the eating experience people partake in during the weekend hours between 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The name the brand applied for? The Ronald McDonald Slow Morning Food Enjoyment Hour.

Hahah, just kidding. They applied for the trademark McBrunch, which should really do wonders for altering the perceptions of discerning diners.

Why would they do a thing like this? Well, per Business Insider, the grasp on their once-dominant market share is getting a little tenous.

Breakfast is the quickest-growing time of day for fast-food sales, and McDonald’s has been fighting to keep its lead against an increasingly crowded field of morning competitors. More robust food offerings from Starbucks now vie with a new morning menu at Taco Bell and better coffee from Chick-fil-A on the breakfast battlefield.

And before you go, “LOLOLOL, this is so stupid, it will never work,” it’s likely McDonald’s doesn’t want you to sip mimosas and linger in their booths. It’s very probably a cute, funny marketing ploy.

You see (and you know), McDonald’s breakfast, which I’ll endorse as an A+ hangover cure, stops serving at an obscenely early hour on the weekends. This may be a sign that that is going to change.

Operational complications currently hold back McDonald’s from offering breakfast all day, executives have said, but perhaps a flirtation with McBrunch could signal an extension of breakfast hours. The chain is already serving some breakfast items on a “McDonald’s After Midnight” menu between midnight and 4 a.m. at certain locations.

Now that would be a #win for a #brand.