Attention Girls In Ugg Boots: McDonald’s Has Pumpkin Spice Fries, But There’s A Catch

by 4 years ago

Happy first day of Fall, everyone! Especially to you, basic girls in Lululemon, North Face fleeces, and Ugg boots. Since we are now in peak pumpkin spice season (I just bought my first sixer of pumpkin beer last night!), it makes sense to tell you about McDonald’s latest menu creation/culinary abomination: Pumpkin Spice Fries. All the deliciousness of McDonald’s french fries, drizzled in chocolate and sugary Pumpkin Spice frosting!

It hits Japanese locations of the chain on September 28th and runs through Halloween. If anyone out there is based in Japan and wants to do a taste test for the BroBible Snapchat, hit me up at

[H/T: GrubStreet]

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