McDonald’s Forced To Respond After Being Dragged On Twitter For The Way Their Fries Are Being Served



Look, I get it. The McDonald’s employee making $10 an hour doesn’t give a shit if he stiffs me on 30-40 delicious fries. He serves drunk, unappreciative dickwads every day of his life. But, fry-frugling is becoming a trend. A trend worth marching for and making signs with clever sayings that we will all post on Instagram with the Clarendon filter.

What that McDonald’s fry guy doesn’t understand is that if I’m at McDonald’s in the first place, I’ve had a very bad day. Adding insult to injury by not filling my large fry to the brim and maybe throwing in a few bonus ones at the bottom of the bag is diabolical for my psyche. If I can’t trust America’s most iconic food chain to deliver what it promises, how can I trust my girlfriend to not bang the mailman? It’s a snowball effect and it starts with McDonalds.

Call me crazy, but I’m evidently not the only one. People are taking to Twitter to express their dismay with this troubling trend.

A McDonald’s spokesperson had no choice but to respond to the barrage of disparaging tweets:

“There is no policy in place which suggests French Fries should be served in a carton that is anything less than full.

“Customer service and experience is one of our top priorities and we are always disappointed to hear when our food falls short of customer’s expectations and our high standards.”

Enough with the corporate talk, bro. FIX IT.

[h/t The Sun]

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