How To Turn A Tough Brisket And Some Stew Chunks Into A Delicious Ribeye Using Meat Glue

Right now I’ve been on a really big flanksteak kick. Marinated overnight in a salty, savory, sweet mix (I use teriyaki, brown sugar, orange juice, cumin, and garlic) and thrown on the grill to a perfect medium rare? It’s damn near perfection.

And so cheap. Big ol’ flanksteak will run you fifteen bucks and serve five or six.

I do love a good rib eye, though. Perfectly marbled, god damn that’s a good steak. But it’s so expensive. Why bother with that pricey meat when you can make a fake steak?

Watch as Greg from Ballistic BBQ uses Transglutaminase, better known as meat glue, to meld together brisket and stew chunks into something you wouldn’t mind eating.

Wanna see something really gross? The 5:20 part, when he pulls the beef out of the bag after it’s all fused together, is foul.

But, you know, when it’s sous vide and fired up on the grill? I’d eat it.

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