Meet The Chick Who Stole $126,000 From Her Employer To Fuel Her Aggressive Cocaine Habit

I don’t know how former Aldi manager and cocaine connoisseur, Louise Mulholland, wound up falling so deeply in love with the drug that it caused her to steal $126,000 from Aldi, but in my head all cocaine addicts first encounter with the drug goes something like this…

God, Walk Hard is an underrated masterpiece.

It takes balls and plenty of stupidity to casually steal $126,000 from your employer but, unsurprisingly, Mulholland’s theft caught up with her.

According to the Daily Mail:

A cocaine addict Aldi manager who kept wads of cash in her handbag and drove around in a ‘flash’ sports car has been jailed for stealing £84,000 from her own store.

Louise Mulholland, 35, was earning a £40,000 annual salary when she plundered the safety deposit box at the store in Bootle, Liverpool, to fund her cocaine habit and a luxury lifestyle.

At the time, she drove around in a ‘flash sports car’ and lavished after-work drinks upon her colleagues.

Mulholland also carried around huge sums of money in her handbag and was described as being ‘flash with cash’, the court was told.

Sentencing her to two-and-a-half years in jail, Judge Thomas Teague QC said Mulholland was a ‘highly intelligent woman’.

Worth it. Totally worth it.