Meet PIZZACAT, the Malt Liquor-Drinking, AK-47-Totting Cat Who Raps About His Love of Pizza


I know what you are thinking. ‘David, didn’t I just see a post on BroBible about cats and pizza? What the shit is this? Two pizza cat posts in one hour?’

Well, this is what happens when you get stoned on a Saturday night and YouTube ‘Pizza Cat,’ for reasons unbeknownst to mankind. So, sorry for this. But I promise you will like it.

Because, besides finding a web series by Pizza Hut about cats running their stores, you discover this awesome, mother fucking, rapping cat named PIZZACAT who raps about how much he loves pizza.

I highly, highly recommend you rip some tubes before watching this. I can’t vouch for the hilarity of these video while sober, but I can say last night, high, I hadn’t laughed that hard in years.

This Bro is street. If you love pizza–and who doesn’t?–you’ll love this dude.

And here he is chilling with Beyonce.

Check out the rest of PIZZACAT here.

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