Meet Toni Lahren, YouTube’s Best Tomi Lahren Angry Rant Impersonator

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: As long as Donald Trump is in the White House, Tomi Lahren is the most powerful voice in media. More powerful than Beyonce, more powerful than Taylor Swift. She unites snowflake-hatin’, millennial-bashin’ “deyyyy terrrkkk urrrrr jerrrrbs!” Trumpkins on Facebook like no other force in modern media.

When you have rappers taking swings at you, you know you’ve officially made it as one of the most powerful elements of the pop culture zeitgeist.

Which *also* means you’re a prime target to be mocked by the Internet.  This meme, for example, has a close place in my heart:

As does a new emerging voice of the alt-right: Toni Lahren. Toni is everything that Tomi is: Blonde, ambitious, ready to melt precious liberal snowflakes with her Final Thoughts about P.C. culture. Except Toni Lahren is concerned with issues like getting hardcore porn on TV, which involves the following:

“I love lemon-stealing whores who stuff cock rings into their assholes who are then rushed to the hospital to remove that sex toy only to have an ethically-ambiguous nurse climb up a strip pole and dump orangutan piss on an illegal immigrant orgy.”

That’s an instant Facebook share for grandma.

Imitation truly is the highest form of flattery. My only criticism of Toni? Needs more finger wag.

Side note: I highly recommend playing this game if you’re ever casually flipping through some Tomi Lahren comments:

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