The USA Is Not F*cking Around In This Deadly Robot Battle Versus Japan And Sh*t Just Got Real

by 4 years ago

Kristine Ambrose / MegaBots

Yesterday the robotocists from MegaBots (the team that challenged Japan to a deadly robot battle) unveiled the scientists that will comprise Team USA in the robot battle for world domination, and by battle I obviously mean ‘complete and utter slaughter of Japan’s robot by the superior scientists of America and bigger, badder, deadlier robot from America’.

This is NOT A F*CKING JOKE here bros, we’re going to war against Japan, and our team of scientists have ONE YEAR to perfect the deadliest robot the world has ever seen. When that time is up and our robot meets Japan’s robot on the battlefield WE WILL reign supreme. For starters, our deadly American robot already weighs 3,000 pounds more than the sickly Japanese robot and is 2 feet taller, so in a hand-to-hand grappling battle we’ve already got that Japanese robot dominated. Here’s the bio on the US robot from the MegaBots, Inc. press kit:

The American Challenger: MegaBots’ robot is the Mk. II, introduced to the world in May of
2015 by Co-Founders Gui Cavalcanti, Matt Oehrlein, and Brinkley Warren. The Mk. II is 15 feet
tall when standing, weighs in at 12,000 pounds and seats two people. The Mk.II was built for
long-range paintball combat, not hand-to-hand combat. Major upgrades to armor, power, speed
and weapon systems are required in order to be capable of hand-to-hand combat for the duel.
MegaBots, Inc. is asking for America’s support to upgrade the Mk.II.

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