Melania Trump’s Twitter Account Just Favorited A Tweet Suggesting Her And Donald’s Marriage Sucks

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For those of you who thought that Donald and Melania were a match made in heaven do you also think that Kim and Kanye are in it for the emotions? You’re better than that. Melania saw dollar signs and Donald saw a woman that wouldn’t look in his direction if he wasn’t a billionaire. It was a practical marriage. No shame in it.

Well it would appear that this claim has been reinforced by Melania Trump’s official Twitter account on Tuesday after the First Lady favorited a tweet suggesting that there’s trouble in Paradise. Check it out below.

About an hour after the tweet was originally liked, Melania Trump’s account unliked it. Naturally.

According to Heavy, the Melania Trump account had only favorited one other tweet ever: a tweet from Melania Trump herself in 2012 introducing herself to Twitter.

There are a few scenarios that are possible here: 1.) she was reading it, thought it was funny, and faved it. 2.) she was reading it, thought it was funny, and accidentally faved it. 3.) someone with access to her account was reading it, thought it was funny, and faved it. In all three scenarios, there is one constant: it’s funny. Because it’s true.

[h/t Heavy]

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