Man Has Absolute Hysterical Meltdown When His Brand New Mercedes Explodes

Unpleasant things are going to happen in your life and you just have to accept what has transpired, devise a way to best deal with the adversity and implement that strategy and move on with your life. Or you could scream hysterically like Gabriel Lopes did after his brand new Mercedes caught on fire.

Lopes purchased his $42,000 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 only a week ago, but while driving the car shut off after struggling to change gears. He pulled over to the shoulder of the Glenn Jackson Bridge on Interstate 205 near Portland, Oregon, where he attempted to restart the vehicle. Then smoke began to billow out of the engine, which only had 13,000 miles on it. Then a fire erupted. Then Gabriel called 911. Then Gabriel lost his shit.

Video is taken of the harrowing ordeal, to which it ends in the vehicle exploding. From the 30-second mark until the 2-minute mark Gabriel has a meltdown and goes absolutely hysterical. Despite being at a safe distance, and everyone was safe, Gabriel lost his goddamn mind.

“Seeing your brand-new car blow up in front of you in less than nine minutes is horrific,” Gabriel told The Oregonian.

Here is the charred remains of the ill-fated Mercedes.

Relax Gabriel, this is what car insurance is for. Unless you don’t have car insurance then you should totally be freaking out.