This Memorial Day Marriage Proposal On A Boat Failed As Hard As It Possibly Could’ve Failed

memorial day proposal fail

Oh my God…OH MY GOD!

That girl just knocked what was supposed to be her engagement ring into that lake and OMFG. What more can you say? Like six months of salary now swimming with the fishes, probably to never be found again.

Don’t think this proposal could possibly go any more wrong than it just went. I mean, maybe the boat capsizing after hitting an iceberg and everyone drowning and “I’ll never let you go Jack!” but this was pretty damn bad.



Can help but to feel for this Bro. And the fact that he legit wanted to be stuck with that kind of stupidity his fiancé-to-be showed right there…like, who slaps an engagement ring out of someone’s hand, WHILE YOU’RE ON A BOAT IN A LAKE. Common sense 101, lady. Don’t do that.

No word on if the ring was ever found, and maybe, just maybe that’s for the best. Also, tell American flag bikini I said whatup.

[via Break]