Men Left To Die On Deserted Island Go Full ‘Castaway,’ Saved By US Navy Thanks To ‘HELP’ Sign (Pics)

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People will say that watching TV is a complete waste of your time. Well watching television and movies like Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, Lost and Castaway gave these desperate men the survival skills to be able to be noticed and saved by the U.S. Navy when they were stranded on a deserted island.

Three unidentified men were reported missing by family members on Monday when they failed to catch a flight on the Micronesian island of Chuuk.

“When they did not arrive for the flight, Coast Guard was notified,” U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class Michael McCandless told NBC. “We began coordination efforts, using a combination of assets. It was determined a Navy P-8 aircraft out of the Misawa Air Base in Japan would assist.”

The men were last known to be taking a small boat between two Micronesian islands.

Four ships combed the area where the missing boat was last reported as well as the P-8 airplane to give eyes from the sky. On Thursday, the U.S Navy aircraft spotted the word “HELP” spelled out with palm leaves on the beach of a remote Pacific Island only two hours into their search. The same makeshift sign that Tom Hanks made in the movie Castaway was easily visible spotted from above on the uninhabited island.

A boat was sent to the deserted island and the three men were transported to a nearby island, McKenzie said.

Apparently the deserted island had plenty of food available.

See kids, watching TV will save your life one day.

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