Hottest Meth-Related Mugshot Of The Year Goes To Miss Nevada 2007 Who Had Her Title Revoked Over These Nude Photos

Before you get all up-in-arms about how it’s not fair that Katie Rees gets the award for hottest meth-related mugshot of the year when she was arrested for dealing meth rather than doing it, let me assure you that Katie here appears to be a failure in all aspects of life rather than just her choice in recreational drugs, which means that she’s still qualified for the award. In order to surpass the REAL meth heads you’ve gotta fuck up pretty bad, and the fact that Katie here lost her Miss Nevada 2007 crown over these trashy Girls Gone Wild-style photos is something that I personally think make her exempt from disqualification.

Now that she’s facing charges for allegedly dealing in Las Vegas paired with the fact that she’s hot, well – girl’s a shoo-in! According to Gawker,

The charges against Rees, 30, were filed Monday and include “trafficking in a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance, and two counts of conspiracy to violate the uniform controlled substances act,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Police say she sold meth to one “J. Peacock” last September, then was caught with 5.3 grams the next month. She’s also accused of working with “unknown co-conspirators.”

A warrant was issued for Rees’s arrest Wednesday. She was previously charged with resisting arrest in 2008 and drug possession in 2012.

How you go from “beauty queen” to “meth dealer” is beyond me, but then again I don’t know Katie’s life. For all I know her job as a high school math teacher wasn’t lucrative enough to cover the bills incurred by the chemo she was undergoing to treat her cancer, causing her to turn to illegal-

Oh wait that’s just the plot of Breaking Bad. Something tells me Katie’s a few beakers short of a chemistry set compared to Walter White, so maybe she’s just a dumbfuck.

Yeah. Probably that.