Watch This Mexicans Teachers’ Conference Go Full WWE As Chairs Are Tossed Everywhere In A Massive Throw Down

by 3 years ago

Daily Mail

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned schoolyard throw down, right? Maybe, but when chairs get involved, it becomes a different story entirely. This video took place at a teachers’ conference at a hotel in Zacatecas, Mexico where fifteen people were wounded. Those teacher unions are NO JOKE.

There are various reports as to how this brawl broke out, but we do know that members of the National Syndicate for Education Workers went head to head with the National Coordinator of Education Workers and it did not turn out pretty. The video shows chairs being flung across the room, people getting hit by them and overall chaos breaking out as the room all but caves in on itself.

Bottom line, these teachers don’t play around, especially when it comes to the classic chair sling wrestling move.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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