This Video Will Cause Spontaneous Fist Pumps From Anyone That’s Been On The Losing End Of A Hit And Run

South Florida, Miami in particular, is world renowned for having some of the worst drivers on the road. The drivers of Miami have no regard whatsoever for any traffic laws, they’re just about getting where they’re going as fast as possible and without following any rules of the road at all, no matter the cost. Crappy drivers isn’t something that’s isolated to Miami though, wherever you live I’m sure you’ve encountered drivers that have made you want to forget everything and slam that gas pedal until you turn their car into nothing more than scrap metal.

Assuming however that you’re a responsible driver, chances are that if you’ve ever been involved in a ‘hit and run‘ then you were more likely on the receiving end like the car we see shooting POV footage from the dashcam video above. They were sideswiped by silver sedan who then took off, only to get pulled over by a Miami-Dade Police Department van, and served that heaping portion of instant karma they deserve.

For a hot minute I thought this video might break out into a high speed car chase on I-95, but it was nice to get that moment of catharsis when the crappy driver was brought to justice, and the universe was once again set in balance.

[Tip of the hat to @BillyCorben (director of ’30 for 30 — The U’ for sharing this on Twitter]