This 30-Second Recipe Video For ‘Microwaved Fried Chicken’ Is Flat Out The Grossest Thing You’ll Ever See



We post a lot of foul shit on this site every single day. Up close videos of massive cysts getting surgically removed, nasty GIFs of the legs of Olympians shattering, animals flinging poo at small children.

But man, nothing’s made me gag quite like watching this recipe for microwaved fried chicken. Count me in the small minority of people who don’t find the average calorie busting, haute cuisine butchering, Facebook food video all that annoying, but this, this is in a league of its own.

It starts out alright, with salt, pepper, and a milk bath for the chicken (although they should use buttermilk), all normal steps.

But then it goes so, so wrong.

The microwave? The microwave? For nine minutes? Imagine the soggiest breading, the most undercooked, raw chicken, all the sensations and tastes you don’t want with fried chicken, served to you? Fuck. That.

Look, I get not wanting to fry up chicken. It’s messy and difficult to do, but don’t try this fucking bastardized approximation. Like, at least throw it in the fucking oven.

It, rightfully, upset everyone.

Don’t EVER fucking do this.

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