Guys, Miley Cyrus Has More Armpit Hair Than I Do

by 4 years ago

Being a girl must suck. Periods, pregnancy, hauling around a set of tits, holding in your farts, and society telling you to shave every part of your body. So am I mad at Miley Cyrus for redefining gender norms and posting pics with a chia pet under her arm? No. Would I prefer a pit-hair-less Miley Cyrus? Sure. But who am I to tell Miley how to live her life? She’d probably prefer I shave my back or stop jerking off to my ex-girlfriends’ Facebook pics, but if we let others dictate the way we live, we’d all be mindless lemmings jerking off to our current girlfriend’s Facebook pics. And that’s just unnatural.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.33.57 PM

instagram, miley cyrus

You guys catch that?

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.35.08 PM

instagram, miley cyrus

Ya I’m a little uncomfortable, but I can’t pretend I haven’t wondered what it would be like to live as the opposite sex.



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