Someone Caught Up With The Military Helicopter Mom And It Sounds Like Her Son’s Life Is Gonna Be Hell

Last night I posted about the world’s worst military helicopter mom, a collection of supposedly-real “texts” posted by the military humor Facebook group 5Bravo. While the saga of the military helicopter mom is *probably* complete fiction, it strikes a nerve with those of us who are continually baffled by the millennial generation’s sense of entitlement.

Shortly after we posted it last night, a hundred other Facebook pages realized there was wonderful blog traffic to be had and followed our lead. The tail of the military helicopter mom went full viral, so tonight 5Bravo “caught up” with the military mom again.

Of course, I don’t believe a lick of this is true. That said, if we close our eyes and pretend like this isn’t a work of Facebook fiction, “pizza party” is code for her poor kid’s life being a living hell in the service.

Here’s the whole post. Well done, 5Bravo.

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