Watch The Moment This Military Vet Caught His Wife Naked On The Toilet And Cheating With Another Man

You know all those happy, feelgood videos of soldiers having joyful homecomings where everyone has uncontrollable smiles from ear-to-ear in picture-perfect reunions? Yeah, this isn’t one of those videos. In fact, it’s probably the exact polar opposite. This is what happens when a military vet comes home early to find his wife cheating on him.

The “Just The Tip, of the Spear 26- The Reckoning” Facebook, a page “about veterans and active duty military having a place to be themselves. You know act like dicks and look at boobs and stuff,” posted the above video. The video had the following caption:

So, something interesting came across our inbox tonight. A guy came home and caught his wife with Jody. The plot twist? The guy is a veteran, and his wife and “Jody” are active duty, in the same unit. Whoops. – JTTOTS Dept of “Jody” is lucky he’s alive.

For those not in the know, “Jody” is a term used in the military for a guy who bangs someone else’s wife.

The man storms into the house, disregards his young daughter who is happy to see him, and walks into an upstairs bathroom. That’s where he finds his wife naked sitting on the toilet and an unnamed man making out with her. Definitely the most memorable of homecomings that I’ve ever written about. Sorry dude hate to burst your bubble, but your chick is definitely in love with her Jody if she’s taking a dump and French-kissing him at the same time.

“Hey what’s going on?” the husband inquiries. Instead of telling the concerned gentleman that he’s having a passionate make-out sesh with his chick while she makes mud, he wisely gets the fuck outta Dodge. That’s when the husband bluntly states, “You’re fucked.” The husband kindly escorts the man out of his house and says, “You’re lucky I don’t beat you’re fucking ass bitch.” The husband then asks, “What’s your name and rank bitch?” He then serenades him by yelling, “Say goodbye to your fucking rank bitch!”

I know everyone is going to get on this dude for not beating up the guy nailing his wife, but he really did the right thing by recording it and not losing his shit. I have no doubt that he wanted to smash this fucker’s face in, but that would have only gotten him put in jail. Plus he would have committed a brutal crime right in front of his 3-year-old daughter, whom if he went to jail for assault, he definitely would have lost custody of. And is losing your job, losing your daughter, going to jail and having a criminal record all worth it for this cheating wife? Fuck that shit.

Though we do not know for certain, someone identified the wife as a data network specialist Sergeant in the Marine Corps and her residence is in Kailua, Hawaii and the cheating man is a Marine.

My colleague Brandon, was very observant and noticed that this particular GoFundMe page titled “Divorcing and my ship is sinking” had several similarities to the video. The page was set up by a 25-year-old man named Brian May, who served five years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in January 2015.

“I flew in and took a taxi to my house. First thing I notice is that there is an unfamiliar vehicle in my driveway and none of my vehicles are there. I go inside and start recording and immediately notice my 3 year old daughter down stairs, alone, watching a show on the computer. I go upstairs and into my on suite bathroom and find a man leaning over kissing my wife who is naked and drunk on the toilet. I escort him out, being very careful not to be violent toward him and he literally runs away! I tell my wife that I’m going to her command with the video as adultery is against the uniform code of military justice for people in the armed forces. After she realized that her career is in jeopardy she starts assaulting me and reaching for my phone (to destroy this evidence). I tell her multiple times to stop otherwise I would have to call the police and she continued. At this point my daughter comes up stairs to explore her curiosity as to what is happening and is witnessing this entire thing. I’m on the phone with the police and my wife continues to jump on me and attempts to prevent me from calling the authorities. She locks me in the room and keeps pursuing me but I manage to get out of the room and run downstairs to find my front door wide open and I can hear my daughter screaming outside. As I go to get her, my wife Jumps on my back and tries to choke me using a sleeper hold. I warn her three times to stop otherwise I would have to defend myself and made it very clear that our daughter was outside and that we needed to stop. She applied more pressure to the choke and that’s when I flipped her over my back and ran to tend to my child. I pick her up and calm her down and decide that it would be best if I waited for the police outside. My wife gets her clothes on (she was naked up until now) and comes outside and forcefully rips my child out of my hands and causes her to start crying again. I follow them inside to assure that my wife isn’t leaving with my child and to get some water. Again she pursues me and attempts to get my phone, she jumps on my back again to which I have to throw her off and then I run outside to which her friend shows up and prevents her from pursuing me further while the cops finally arrive soon after that. She gets escorted out of my home and my daughter stays with me for the night as a result of this incident.”

Sounds pretty familiar.

Unfortunately it appears that the video did not get the wife or Marine in trouble, in fact it appears to have backfired on the husband.

“I will tell you however that what I have heard in a brief statement made by a SNCO is that you tried to commit suicide and something about a mental ward and that you made false accusations about her attacking you. I have also been told that the male Marine in your video is not being charged with anything and neither is your wife, I’m not sure what story they told to explain the events that are clearly seen in your video but as to my knowledge and according to a SNCO they are not being charged, punished, or reprimanded in anyway, I have also been notified that you are apparently “psychotic” a word used after explaining your stint in a mental facility or a psych ward I don’t remember exactly what was said at this time. When I asked about the video the SNCO said something along the lines of “they are legally separated” and “he was living in Florida.” Let’s clear some things up. Like I’ve said before on a previous update, I will always be honest and I will answer any questions that come up. I came across “Her side” of the story today and I have to say it’s quite delusional. This is apparently her side of the story from her commands perspective and what they believe. Her command seems to be taking crazy pills. The above quote mentions that I attempted to commit suicide. This is a FALSE statement; I’ve never tried to take my life. What is true is that I was admitted into a psychiatric ward because after suffering from a panic attack/nervous breakdown it was determined that I should be evaluated. I spend the night at the hospital and was released the next morning. This Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) allegedly states that I’m psychotic. One, I don’t think he understands what psychotic means…and two, I’ll let the video that’s circulating the internet right now act as a testimony to my mental state. I’m a very rational thinker and I suffer from anxiety. I’m dealing with very significant stressors right now.”

Apparently the couple were having problems earlier after Brian was denied unemployment and couldn’t get into school. The wife apparently told the husband to go back to community college in Florida where he was approved to attend or she would divorce him. She said that he could move back home after he completed the summer semester. Brian attempted to save his marriage and went home to Florida. Allegedly the wife told him that she didn’t feel comfortable with him coming back to Hawaii unless he signed over custody of his child to prevent him from leaving the Island with her. He found this to be a strange request, but “I agreed because 1) I’m naive and foolish and 2) I loved her… unfortunately I still love her.”

“About two weeks later she says that it will never work between us and that she is filing for divorce. I was devastated. I was working so hard, going to school (making good grades), going to the gym to work on my figure and cooperating with every demand that she threw at me. I did all of this to try to save my marriage and now she hit me with an atomic bomb to the heart. The last 4 and a half years of my life, my family, is being ripped apart from me and to make things worse my entire life was over 4000 miles away on an Island in the pacific. I sought out legal advice and my lawyer told me to come back to Hawaii to fight my divorce to have any chance of having any custody rights to my daughter. I was scared, but I ended up leaving my support network of friends and family and my only source of income (school) to travel back to Hawaii where I have no friends, no support and where I’m unwelcome in my own home to fight for my child whom is the ONLY thing that is keeping me going right now.”

That lead to the unforgettable homecoming.

That’s definitely going to leave a deep scar.

Keep your head up sir.