I’m Assuming Mitt Romney Had A Few Before Dressing Up As Nacho Libre To Beat Up Luchadors

Remember Mitt Romney? I don’t. Well, I do on like a surface-level. I know he’s a white dude who ran for president and also doesn’t like Donald Trump. He pretty much sounds essentially interchangeable with Al Gore if you took away Gore’s Oscar. Honestly, though, I kind of wish I knew more about Romney so I could psychologically dissect why he decided to dress up as Nacho Libre and fight a bunch of luchadors.

Via Daily Mail:

“On Saturday, the failed Republican presidential candidate made a surprise appearance at a charity wrestling match.  The former Massachusetts governor, 69, entered the ring hidden behind a mask, dressed as Jack Black’s character from the 2006 film Nacho Libre. He then proceeded to engage in some simulated tussling with the other Luchadors before he was finally unmasked. Romney took a ‘victory’ lap around the ring, waving to the crowds before taking a final bow.

The wrestling match was held on Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah to support Charity Vision, a non-profit which works to end blindness in the developing world. Romney’s son Josh is the president of the foundation. Following his surprise appearance, Romney posted a picture of himself in his Nacho Libre get-up on Twitter, captioning the photo: ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.’ Romney took part in the foundation’s boxing match last year, taking on former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.”

Ok, it was for charity. You can pretty much do anything stupid for charity and not get ridiculed for it. However, I can’t help but feel as if this is also a ploy on Romney’s part to show voters how hip and relevant he is. Granted, I’m not sure how referencing a 2006 children’s film starring Jack Black as a whitewashed Mexican priest turned masked wrestler shows your ability to be #relevant in today’s society, but I’ll take his word for it. To lend my support to his cause, I made a few #relevant GIFs for him to use as a way spice up his vanilla Twitter account.

When Two Girls In The Club Are Fighting Over You And You Have To Get Involved But Are Also High-Key Excited

When You Finally Find That Dude That’s Been Hitting Up Your Main Chick On Snapchat 24/7

When The Bouncer’s Catch You Getting Into The Bar With A Fake ID But The Owner Is One Of Your Dad’s Drinking Buddies

When Walk Back Into The Bar After Smashing That Hottie Everyone Said Was Out Of Your League In The Parking Lot

When You Make Friends With A Bunch Of Strangers At The Bar And You Buy Them A Round Of Shots

When Everyone’s Saying Their Goodbyes And Splitting The Check But It’s Not Payday So You Just Bounce While No One Is Looking

There you go, Mitt. Use these. I guarantee you’ll be President in 2020 before people even get into the voting booth. Unanimous word of mouth. And for you bros, here’s the whole video.