The Outcome Of Mixing Coca-Cola With Milk Just Blew My Damn Mind

Do you know what happens when you pour milk into Coca-Cola and then wait an hour? Trans-fucking-parency happens!


Who knew? NOT ME!

In the spirit of transparency, I’d just like to admit that I have retained almost nothing from my high school chemistry class — taught by the great Mr. Scott — so I couldn’t tell you why Coca-Cola turns clear when you pour milk into it. Sorry, Mr. Scott, I have failed you. But, more accurately, your teaching methods have¬†failed me. Thanks for nothing, asshole.


While we’re on the topic of Coca-Cola experiments, do you know what happens when you put a soda can in hydrochloric acid? I didn’t either — because Mr. Scott sucks dick at teaching — but apparently it gives Russian dudes science boners. Weird outcome, I know.