Muslim MMA Fighter Calls ISIS ‘Uneducated Monkeys’ And Urges Fellow Muslims To Stop ‘Blaming The West’ In Viral Rant

Tam Khan, MMA fighter and trainer of British world champion boxer Amir Khan, has gone viral after posting an impassioned Facebook rant imploring his fellow Muslims to do their part in weeding out Islamic extremism.

The 35-year-old British born fighter, who now lives in Dubai, calls extremists “uneducated monkeys who are giving us all a bad name” in his message that has amassed 148,000 likes and 126,000 shares at the time of me writing this.

The self-proclaimed proud Muslim urged all Muslims living in Britain to “respect” the country’s  culture and traditions, and anyone who fails to do so should be deported with their entire family. He also propositions Muslims who are vocally speaking out against the traditions in England to try the same in Muslim countries. An endeavor that would get them “smashed in seconds” and “locked up and tortured.”

Check out the post in its entirety below:

After the post gained so much steam, Facebook stepped in and deleted Mr. Khan’s account, but reinstated it soon thereafter, claiming it was a “mistake.”

Good call, Facebook. I wouldn’t want to be on this dude’s shit list either.

[h/t Mirror]

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