I Strongly Disagree With The Celeb This Legendary MMA Master Said Would Make The Best MMA Fighter


The Daily Mail ran an article today in which they asked legendary MMA master, Cung Le, who he thought would make the best MMA fighter. His answer?

Channing Tatum imgres

Hmm, okay, Cung. But wait, the plot thickens. Via the article –

The two have trained together before and Le, an action film star himself, is impressed with his friend’s natural ability.

C’mon, Cung, you gotta hit us with the “full disclosure: Tatum and I are boys.” Of course you’re gonna say Tatum is the most bad ass fighter. He’s the it man of the moment! Cung’s trying to weasel his way into that Tatum Posse.

No disrespect to Channing; I’m sure he’s perfectly capable as a fighter, and I’ve enjoyed some of his movies. Dear John, anyone? But this article got me to thinking – if Channing isn’t the top dog, who is? I came up with a list myself of people who I think could smash in Channing’s tatum. I’ve left out any MMA fighters turned actors – Coutoure, Bautista, Rampage, etc.

1. The Rock – No brainer. You see this guy in Hercules? He’s a tank. He would snap Channing like a twig.

2. Jackie Chan – Chan vs. Channing would be the biggest pay-per-view event of all time. Jackie’s lightening quick moves will leave Channing hoping his ambulance to the hospital isn’t during rush hour! Get it, cuz Jackie Chan was in Rush Hour? Okay, I’ll see myself out.

3. Mark Wahlberg – Mark looks like a guy who has nothing to lose. He’s also been in a lot of movies such as The Fighter, which required him to train. He could kick some ass.

4. Chris Hemsworth – You do NOT mess with Thor. EVER.

5. Hugh Jackman – It’s not a coincidence that Hugh Jackman sounds like Huge Jacked Man.

6. Idris Elba – This man is like eight feet tall, and he’s British. Go drinking with a British person and you will see how little regard they have for their bodies.

7. Mickey Rourke – I don’t care how old he is, this guy is a trained killer. I’m almost positive he’s killed at least ten men in his life. (claim not substantiated).

8. Terry Crews – Terry Crews is so jacked that he can’t work out in gyms. He has to bench press cars. This is not a man you want to get into the octagon with.

9. Vin Diesel – You can’t change your last name to Diesel unless you’re SUPER certain that you could absolutely destroy people. Vin lives up to his name.

10.  Mario Lopez – Mario Lopez has huge guns and his name is Mario. GAME OVER.

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