Hot Model/DJ Gets ‘RIP Harambe’ Tattoo After Making Bet On Twitter And Somewhere Our Beloved Gorilla Is Smiling Down Upon Us

by 3 years ago

Sure you can get a “Dicks Out For Harambe” t-shirt to show your dedication to the greatest gorilla of this and any time. But if you really had a deep-seated devotion in our lord and savior Harambe then you would get something more permanent. Laura Lux didn’t just say she mourn’s the fallen primate’s untimely passing, she got a tattoo celebrating the beloved silverback gorilla’s wondrous life.

Laura is a DJ and model from Australia and is not shy about getting tattoos. Here’s photos of her ink. I am sharing the photos as evidence of her love of tats and totally not a reason to just post pics of a hot chick.

The model made the bet that she would get a “RIP Harambe” tattoo if this tweet was RT’d over 2,000 times.

It received over 2,800 RT’s.

Animals Rule! Animals Are Awesome!
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