Mom Has To Choose Between Child’s Life And Her BMW And Her Choice Was Absolutely Disgusting

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For people with children, there’s literally NOTHING they’d chose over the life of their children. Well, some parents. This women chose her expensive BWM over her kid.

A mom has sparked outrage after she refused to allow firefighters to break into her car to save her toddler son from the heat because the vehicle was too expensive to damage.

The unnamed mother was unable to open the door of her BMW when it accidentally locked itself.

Her three-year-old son was trapped inside and was suffering in the heat as no windows were open.
Firefighters who arrived at the scene in Yiwu city, China, were about to break the glass to rescue the boy – but his mum told them she wanted to wait for a locksmith instead so the car would not be damaged.

People watched the young boy almost pass out from the heat and decreased oxygen levels while the mom pleaded with firefighters to not break the glass. The rescue workers explained there was zero time to wait and the situation was dangerous. She wouldn’t budge.

Thankfully, the rescue workers did what they’re trained to do — they ignore the lunatic, smashed the window and saved the boy.

Hopefully she gets locked away someplace tight real soon.

[via Yahoo!]

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