Mom Flips On Daughter After Finding Drugs In Her Room, Looks Stupid When Daughter Says What Pills ACTUALLY Are

If you are 50+ years old and remember a time when gas was only five cents a gallon and you could run around outdoors without your neighbors calling the police on your parents for child abandonment, then you probably aren’t very up to date on what molly like these days: nondescript, occasionally colored if you’re lucky but generally in a sand-like powder form.

So when Ashley Banks’ mom found “drugs” in her nightstand drawer, it’s unsurprising that she flipped out – although if you or I had found them, I’d like to think we would’ve let them be since with colored capsules that large and that bright, the chances that this girl was legitimately in possession of hard drugs was slim to none:

To be fair to Ashley’s mom, grow-in-water dinosaur pills are lots of fun, just like drugs – so I can see how she got them mixed up.

[H/T Mirror]