World’s Most Vile Mother Killed Her 8-Year-Old Son After He Walked In On Her Having Sex With His Grandfather

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Veronica Panarello may very well be one of the most vile people to ever reproduce.

Panarello has been sentenced to 30 years in jail after she strangled her son 8-year-old son Lois to death with electrical cables and dumped his body in a  remote gully in Sicily after she claims the boy caught her having sex with his grandfather (her husband’s father), reports The Sun.

Panarello, who prosecutors described as “egocentric and manipulative,” tried to fool authorities after her heinous act by claiming that her son had been abducted after she dropped him off at school. She conjured up the lie that when she returned to pick him up, he was nowhere to be found. A quick look at the school’s CCTV footage revealed that she did not return to pick up her son.

Veronica pictured with her husband:

Veronica pictured being brought to her cage:

When Veronica confessed that her son had been killed, he blamed her sex partner and husband’s father, Andrea Stival. She told a jury that Stival had helped plot and execute the murder of the boy because he had walked in on the two having sex. At the moment, Stival is being investigated as an accessory to the murder, which he denies and is suing his daughter-in-law for slander.

Panarello will now serve three decades behind bars, and if it were up to me, another three more.

[h/t The Sun]

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