The Spectacular Moment A Powerful Volcano Erupts And Sends Shockwaves Miles Away

On Saturday we were amazed by a guy descending into an fiery, active volcano and luckily for him it wasn’t this one. Let’s dive right into this amazing volcano video shall we? Australian Phil McNamara and his wife Linda were vacationing in Papua New Guinea because apparently they heard that the volcano explosions are beautiful this time of year. While on a boat they witnessed the massive eruption by the Mount Tavurvur volcano. On August 29 their magnificent video captured the sheer and devastating power that launched rock and lava soaring in the air. The couple were approximately 2.5 miles away yet they could still feel the pulverizing force as the eruption sent a shockwave into the air and a sonic boom followed around the 26 second mark. Thankfully no one was hurt and we get this rare and spectacular footage.