Watch Moms Snoop Through Their Sons’ Sexts And Be Happy You’re Smart Enough To Have A Passcode On Your Phone

Would you ever let your mom read through your phone? Chances are probably not. And why would you, really, besides for the sake of a viral Internet video? It’s not like your mom needs to read texts like “Lmao boy her booty was looking like molten lava; Not quite droopy like water, but not solid either,” right? I mean that’s funny and definitely something you can say amongst your Bros – but your mom is old. Her heart is fragile and her mind is only a few years away from early onset dementia. Do you really need to add “heart attack” to the list of things that can eventually kill her? Probably not.

In other words: if you love your mom, don’t show her your text messages unless you’re trying to score views on YouTube. In that case, go wild – but don’t come crying to me when your mom keels over in a Burger King parking lot after thinking about how you texted some chick that it would be wise if she got tested for STDs.

[Via Elite Daily]