The Amount Of Money That Justin Bieber Is Being Offered For A Sex-Toy Clone Of His Dick Will Make You Hate Him MORE


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Justin Bieber: you either hate him or you hate him, or if you’re a female under the age of 14 you love him…or if you’re Skrillex. Or Diplo. But yeah the people who love Justin Bieber are solely those three categories: pre-teen girls + Skrillex and Diplo. Strange demographic, but if Clone-A-Willy has any say in The Beebs’ popularity it looks like he’ll soon be entering thousands of middle-aged housewives across the country.

…and no, that wasn’t a euphemism. I meant it literally: a clone of Justin Bieber’s dick could very well be on the market soon if he accepts Clone-A-Willy’s offer. According to Mirror:

Clone-A-Willy is reportedly offering a very hefty price to take a mould of Justin’s package – said to be in the region of $1million – and then turn it into a sex toy .

Heat magazine got their hands on a supposed ‘leaked letter’ from the DIY dildo company, which read: “Justin Bieber, he’s popular, talented and now as the entire world knows … quite well-endowed.

“You can only imagine … a huge billboard of Justin Bieber and Clone-A-Willy in West Hollywood.”

While Justin has yet to respond to Clone-A-Willy’s letter, it’s doubtful that he’ll actually follow through with it. Kid’s got more money than Matt Keohan has one-sided Tinder messages to girls who are way out of his league and just went on a swiping spree, so it’s not like Beebs needs the cash.

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