Plastered Monster Truck Fan Tells Enchanting Love Story Of How She Met Her Redneck Soul Mate

We take you to the Georgia Dome where the 2015 Monster Truck Jam was held. Atlanta radio station Rock 100.5 was on the scene doing interviews with some of the sophisticated monster truck fans.

This young woman was asked the simple question, “Why is monster truck racing such a good time?” Just the notion of monster trucks immediately conjured up sentimental emotions of her beloved man who she has five kids with.

Apparently her Prince Charming’s dad has monster truck at home where they “monster truck it up.” Because Georgia.

When the interviewed asked the inebriated woman how she reeled in her man she responded, “We dated cousins.” Knowing the redneck stereotype of incest, the interviewer asked for a clarification that they did not actually fuck each others blood cousins. Surprisingly, it was not blood cousins, but the other person’s cousins.

The woman goes on to say that she wooed her dream man by saying, “I’ll do you right here in front of everybody.”

True love conquers all.

Our favorite sloshed monster drunk fan finally talks about monster trucks.

The beautiful interview gets hijacked by another plastered monster truck fan who wants to censor the “Internet and all that bullshit” because “If you need to talk to somebody, talk to your neighbor down the road. What the fuck do you need to talk to somebody in California for? What the fuck?” Somehow Mr. First Amendment inexplicably talks about “people making love to themselves on fuckin’ Internet” and how individuals shouldn’t “be on TV beatin’ ya fuckin’ meat.” How is there not an entire television channel dedicated to interviewing monster truck fans about current events?