How Gud R U At Spelling? Only 7% Of Americans Can Pass This Difficult Spelling Quiz

by 2 years ago

Full disclosure: this is the first (and probably last) PlayBuzz quiz I’ve ever taken, but now that I’ve finished one I can certainly see why these are so addictive.

The quiz below is said to be one of the hardest spelling quizzes around. I got 2 wrong out of the 21 questions, and I forced two of my colleagues to also take this quiz. One got 6 wrong and the other missed 4, but they claim they both ‘flew through’ the quiz. I won’t tell you which of my fellow BroBible editors scored 6 wrong, I’ll let you guess for yourself and leave your answers down below in the comments.

For now, you should know that only 7% of Americans can take this quiz and score 100%. If, for some reason, the quiz embedded below isn’t showing up for you then you can find that quiz here on PlayBuzz

Are you feeling smart or dumb at this moment? Let me know down below, and if you’re feeling dumb at the moment be sure to share this with your dumber bros so you can at least tell them you’ve outscored them.

(h/t UNILAD via TheSun)

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