The Most Hated Companies In America In 2014 Will Come As Zero Surprise To Anyone

Somehow, and despite definitely getting my vote, along with producing this horrific customer service call, and this one, and this one, Comcast was NOT voted the most most hated company in America in 2014. Shocking, indeed.

So who on earth could possibly get a lower customer service score than Comcast? You don’t have to look far as the company that is in talks to merge with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, took the top spot. Scratch that, they took the TOP TWO SPOTS.

According to MarketWatch

The honor goes to Time Warner Cable Internet Service Provider, which placed last on the list of the Dec. 2014 University of Michigan’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index. On a list of 230 household brands surveyed, TWC scored 54 out of a possible 100, just behind Time Warner Cable’s television service (56), Comcast ISP (57) and United Airlines (60). Wal-Mart was the most unpopular retailer on the list (71).

Hard to believe that doubling our cable bills over the last decade combined with the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PLANET would yield such poor results, huh?

Dear God, please do not let these companies merge.

Angry man image by Shutterstock