Map Shows The Most Impactful Inventions Of Each State And Hey! Florida Wasn’t Always On Drugs

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MidAmerica Nazarene University

The great thing about these United States is that every state has contributed to the success of this country. Sure, Florida is perpetually fucked up on Flakka and skin cancer, but The Sunshine State wasn’t always zooted out. Florida had hopes, dreams. I bet you didn’t know that back in 1981 Florida invented the personal computer. Yep, sure did. But all we ever hear about is a naked guy running in traffic and biting off someones face. Poor Florida.

In any event, MidAmerica Nazarene University (a real school with a website) set out to highlight the most impactful contributions of each state. Some are obvious–Alaska invented the kayak, Hawaii the surfboard, etc. But others are a bit more surprising. Did you know Colorado invented the tampon? Well I think it was just a really big joint that was used as one, but nonetheless, good on you Colorado.

Here are the most impactful inventions of all 50 states.

Alaska – Kayak
Inventor: the Inuit (indigenous Alaskans)
Invention date: N/A

Alabama – Electric Hearing Aid
Inventor: Miller Esse Hutchinson
Invention date: 1895

Arkansas – Sound-Cinema
Inventor: Freeman Owens
Invention date: Pre 1932

Arizona – Taser
Inventor: NASA Scientists
Invention date: 1993

California – iPhone
Inventor: Steve Jobs & Apple Engineers
Invention date: 2005 – 2007

Colorado – Tampon
Inventor: Dr. Earle Haas
Invention date: 1929

Connecticut – Vulcanized Rubber
Inventor: Charles Goodyear
Invention date: 1845

Washington D.C. – Telegraph & Morse Code
Inventor: Samuel Morse
Invention date: 1844

Delaware – Kevlar
Inventor: Stephanie Kwolek
Invention date: 1965

Florida – Personal Computer
Inventor: Don Estridge & the IBM team
Invention date: 1981

Georgia – Cottom Gin
Inventor: Eli Whitney
Invention date: 1794

Hawaii – Surfboard
Inventor: Joseph Banks
Invention date: 1769

Iowa – Tractor
Inventor: John Froelich
Invention date: 1892

Idaho – Television
Inventor: Philo Taylor Farnsworth
Invention date: 1927

Illinois – Digital Computer
Inventor: John Vincent Atanasoff
Invention date: 1937

Indiana – Gas Pump
Inventor: Sylvanus Bowser
Invention date: 1885

Kansas – Helicopter
Inventor: William Purvis & Carles Wilson
Invention date: 1909

Kentucky – Gas Mask
Inventor: Garrett Morgan
Invention date: 1914

Louisiana – Binocular Microscope
Inventor: John Leonard Riddell
Invention date: 1836 – 1850

Massachusetts – World Wide Web
Inventor: MIT professor, Tim Berners-Lee
Invention date: 1990

Maryland – Latex Medical Gloves
Inventor: William Stewart Halsted
Invention date: 1894

Maine – Dive Suit
Inventor: Leonard Norcross
Invention date: 1834

Michigan – Assembly Line
Inventor: Ransom E. Olds
Invention date: 1902

Minnesota – Implantable Pacemaker
Inventor: Earl Bakken
Invention date: 1957

Missouri – Vacuum Cleaner
Inventor: John S. Thurman
Invention date: 1898

Mississippi – Nystatin
Inventor: Rachel Fuller Brown & Elizabeth Lee Hazen
Invention date: 1950

Montana– Heart Monitor
Inventor: Norman Jeff Holter
Invention date: 1962

North Carolina – Airplane
Inventor: Wright Brothers
Invention date: 1903

North Dakota – Cream of Wheat
Inventor: Wheat Millers
Invention date: 1893

Nebraska – Ski Lift
Inventor: James Michael Curran
Invention date: 1936

New Hampshire – The Farmer’s Almanac
Inventor: Robert B. Thomas
Invention date: 1792

New Jersey – Air Conditioning
Inventor: Haviland Carrier
Invention date: 1921

New Mexico – Atom Bomb
Inventor: Scientists for The Manhattan Project
Invention date: 1945

Nevada – Blue Jeans
Inventor: Jacob Davis & Levi Strauss
Invention date: 1873

New York – Credit Card
Inventor: Frank McNamara
Invention date: 1949

Ohio – Automobile
Inventor: John Lambert
Invention date: 1891

Oklahoma – Parking Metor
Inventor: Holger George Theusen & Gerald A Hale
Invention date: 1935

Oregon – Computer Mouse
Inventor: Douglas Engelbart
Invention date: 1968

Pennsylvania – Fire Hydrant
Inventor: Frederick Graff
Invention date: 1801

Rhode Island – Diners
Inventor: Walter Scott
Invention date: 1891

South Carolina – Military Submarine
Inventor: Horace Hunley
Invention date: 1863

South Dakota – Cyclotron
Inventor: Ernest Lawrence
Invention date: 1932

Tennessee – Supermarket
Inventor: Clarence Saunders
Invention date: 1916

Texas – Electric Typewriter
Inventor: James Field Smathers
Invention date: 1912

Utah – Electric Traffic Light
Inventor: Lester Farnsworth Wire
Invention date: 1912

Virginia – Camouflage
Inventor: Jim Crumley
Invention date: 1912

Vermont – Paddle Wheel Steamer
Inventor: James Field Smathers
Invention date: 1921

Washington – Artificial Heart
Inventor: Robert Jarvik
Invention date: 1982

Wisconsin – Space Suit
Inventor: Siegfried Hanson
Invention date: 1950s

West Virginia – Steam Boat
Inventor: James Rumsey
Invention date: 1787

Wyoming – Shovel Handle
Inventor: George C. Choate
Invention date: 1879

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