Here Are 20 Of The Most Popular Lies People Tell Their Partners, So Listen Up!

most popular lies people tell partners


Here’s a shocker: A survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that almost everyone lies to their partner. I know, right? Who would have thunk it?

Turns out that, according to this survey, one in 10 people say that they lie regularly to their partner.

A fourth of those surveyed also said that they don’t completely trust their current partner, while 5 percent say that they don’t trust them at all. Maybe it has something to do with all of that lying going on.

Half of those surveyed claim to have been lied to in a relationship (as opposed to the 100% I believe actually were lied to) and a third of them said that the lie was “serious.”

Only two-thirds of the respondents said that they trust their partner to be faithful.

15% said they’ve lied in order to start a relationship with someone.

And half those surveyed admitted to having been caught in a lie, with one in 20 being dumped as a result of their lie.

As for the lies we tell the most? Here are the top 20 to make the list out of this survey…

1. I am listening
2. I’m not in a bad mood
3. I only had one drink
4. I didn’t see your text/call
5. You don’t look fat
6. I am sticking to my diet
7. I had an orgasm
8. This isn’t a new outfit
9. Your butt doesn’t look big in that
10. I wasn’t looking at her figure
11. I didn’t break that
12. I was out with friends
13. I like your mates
14. I’m saving the item of clothing you bought me for a special occasion
15. I like your cooking
16. I didn’t eat that treat we were saving
17. I’ve never cheated on you
18. I like your parents
19. I don’t have a history with that person
20. I didn’t put that dent/scratch on the car

So, how many of those have you told? And how many of those have been told to you?

I have to admit, a whole bunch of them sound very familiar to me.


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