Towson University Student Talks To Random Women About Their Boobs — Ends Up Creating World’s Most Powerful Bra

Most college bros sit around the dorm and drop dreams about owning bars or traveling the world on mom and pop’s dime.

Muyiwa Olumide, CEO and Inventor of the KewiBra, sits around thinking about massive chested women — don’t we all — but Olumide took those thoughts and designed a bra. I would have done the same but I got sidetracked drawing titties on a whiteboard.

Anyway, back to the story of the Kewi.

Kewi started with a question that came from genuine discomfort. In 2009, the founder discovered the issue of larger breasted women experiencing major discomfort and pain in their shoulders and back, and after interviewing women on the subject, was asked a simple question out of frustration; “can you design a bra that doesn’t hurt my back?”

Ok, so that’s my second slip-up after the white board — I was supposed to ask women about their cans while holding a clipboard. Well now I know for next time.

With a brand new Kickstarter campaign launching today that shows the painstaking process Olumide has taken to touch as many strange breasts as possible while creating the world’s most comfortable bra, the KewiBra is ready to take on the world of massive chesticles.

But first — a test. Before the Kewi can work on real jugs it needs to handle the stress of fake jugs. Fake jugs filled with delicious milk. So I guess they’re kind of like the real jugs.

There were milk jugs in that video? I didn’t notice because breasts.

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