Dude Breaks Into Ex-GF’s Apartment, Gets Hit In The Face With Firewood, Takes Gnarliest Mugshot Of 2016

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We’ve only got 3.5 days left in 2016 but a 27-year-old man from North Carolina has just entered the competition for ‘Most F’d Up Mugshot of the Year’. In this mugshot he’s sporting double shiners and a bloodied face/nose after getting smacked in the face with firewood.

Why’d he get hit in the face with firewood? Well, as you already read this dude supposedly tried to break into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. After kicking down the and gaining entry into the Raleigh, N.C. apartment a man inside grabbed a piece of firewood and hit 27-year-old Matthew Lawrence Bergstedt square across the face, according to the New York Post.

double black eye mugshot

NYPost / Matthew Lawrence Bergstedt

He was charged with breaking and entering AND attempted breaking and entering. There’s no such thing as a ‘great mugshot’ but you have to admit that this one’s truly memorable. I guess my question is this: is this really the best mugshot of 2016?

For my money, this was the most memorable/WTF of mugshots from the past year: Guy Missing Half His Skull Charged With Arson And Attempted Murder, And This Is The Most WTF Mugshot Ever

(tip of the hat to The NYPost for tracking this down!)

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