Motel Owner Has Been Watching People Bang For 30 Years And The Story Gets Creepier

peeping tom


Every time I’m in a hotel, I get the feeling I’m being watched. Even in the rooms. I know the hallways and elevators are monitored but I always get this odd feeling there’s a pair of eyes on me while I’m laying around watching King of Queens reruns. Especially in motels and hotels that aren’t well-known chains like Marriott or Holiday Inn. I’m absolutely positive places like the Stangle Inn (real place) have eyes in the sky above my bed.

This story about a thirty year peeping Tom who owns a motel in Colorado is just reconfirming my suspicions.

For 29 years, hotel owner Gerald Foos watched many thousands of guests having sex, going to the bathroom, and more at the Manor House Motel in Colorado, the Mirror reports. Now the story of the “greatest voyeur in the world” is out in the open, thanks to an article published in the New Yorker this week by journalist Gay Talese.

Talese first learned about Foos in 1980. “Sexually, I have witnessed, observed, and studied the best first hand, unrehearsed, non-laboratory sex between couples, and most other conceivable sex deviations during these past 15 years,” Foos wrote in a letter to Talese. According to the Denver Post, Foos wanted to be seen as a “sex researcher and social observer,” not a mere Peeping Tom and pervert.

Ok now that’s even creepier. I understand if the guy wanted to get his rocks off by watching people bang but to TAKE NOTES. Imagine you were a guest at this place and somewhere in a notebook in Colorado are observations about the way you bang. “Hairy ass, finishes quickly, likes remote controls in his brown eye.”

For example, in 1973 he observed 184 male orgasms and 33 female orgasms, and noted that white heterosexuals tended to have missionary sex and that only 3% of his guests failed to have sex. Talese even joined Foos in his attic “laboratory” on at least one occasion and found the man had an “uncontrollable desire to peer into other people’s lives.”

Now you’re probably thinking “lock this perv away with Subway Jared and the rest of the deviants” but…

The statute of limitations has passed, and Foos is unlikely to face any charges for his years of voyeurism.

Nice. Well, I’m never staying in another motel or hotel again. It’s AirBnB from now on. At least in someone’s house I can cancel out the cameras by putting up ones of my own.

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