Did This Mother Get Her 18-Year-Old Daughter A Dildo For Christmas? (I’m Not Judging If She Did)

by 2 years ago

This Christmas party was all abuzz after Shelby Roberts was given a pink dildo from her dear mother for her XXXmas present. At least that is what the 18-year-old girl thought she was given for her Christmas gift. She unwrapped a phallic-like pink rubber gift and let out a shreik in surprise over her mom’s naughty present.

Apparently, Shelby’s didn’t look long and hard at the object because the fuckstick was actually a cup holder for her Yeti mug.

Shelby’s grandma said “business in the morning, fun at night.” Looks like grandpa isn’t taking care of business.

Shelby’s head was in the gutter, but if she already has one of these then she can always donate it to Toys for Twats.

In the wise words of the great Abraham Lincoln, “Anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough.”

abraham lincoln meme

He really was a visionary decades ahead of his time.

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