Mother Named ‘Bobbey Boucher’ Hangs Up on Call from Cop About Missing Child to Strip

by 4 years ago

Bobbey Boucher is a 29-year-old woman from Florida who supports her child by working the pole. Gotta make dat money honey. Life can be tough when you’re a stripper/mother/person with the same name as an immensely popular Adam Sandler character. Being named “Bobbey Boucher” must suck because you know that she has been bombarded since 1998 with Waterboy quotes. You just want to sit down and watch the big football game and there’s someone in your face saying, “Foosball is the devil!” You go to have a sip of water and some jackhole is screaming, “Water sucks. It really, really sucks. Water sucks.” So I completely understand the hardships of sharing the name as a stuttering waterboy with anger issues and a meddling, overprotective mother. However that does not excuse you from losing your child. Boucher dropped her 10-year-old daughter off at a barbeque party before heading to work at Calendar Girls strip club. The Pasco Sheriff’s deputy was called by the girl’s grandmother when she did not return from the party that was nearby. The deputy called Boucher on the phone while she was at work to gather information on the missing girl, but instead of a concerned mother the officer was told, “I have to get on stage.” Well you have to appreciate the work ethic. While I understand that the strip show must go on and the lap dances aren’t going to give creepy boners by themselves, but maybe the welfare of your child should have some priority over getting $21 from your innovative dance routine to T-Pain’s “I’m ‘n Luv Wit a Stripper.” Thankfully the story has a happy ending because the girl was found, but Boucher was arrested for resisting an officer and obstruction. I think we all learned a valuable lesson today that “Strip clubs are the devil!”

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