Mother Pretends To Be Santa, Writes Threatening ‘Get Your Act Together Or Christmas Is Canceled’ Letter To Her Kid

by 4 years ago

Santa Claus isn’t supposed to be terrifying to children, but one mother decided to change that. She decided to use the jolly old elf’s ability to know if a child is naughty or nice to her advantage by writing a letter to her misbehaving daughter, Lydia, as Santa in an effort to scare her straight. It’s not a bad idea, kids are gullible — HA, STUPID KIDS — and I can’t believe people haven’t been doing this since the dawn of time. I’m going to have Santa send my kids a letter every June telling them they are on the Naughty List. Get them scared shitless early.

The mom here could have and should have taken it one step further by engaging her local mall Santa to get involved in her con. That would have really driven it home and scarred Lydia for life. Or at least until one of her classmates ruined the concept of Santa Claus for her.

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