Watch This Poor Soul On A Motorcycle Get Annihilated By A Bull Stampeding Out Of Nowhere

I hope this man’s insurance covers against bulldozer accidents.

This guy is cruising on his motorcycle just minding his business singing, “Lalala I’m just on my bike taking a ride. Lalala.” Then KAAAABLAMO! The beast lands a bullsye and absolutely demolishes this dude on the motorcycle.

Even the little kid on the bicycle knew it was time to get the fuck out of Dodge and he peaced out seconds before the rampage.

I really hope that there’s an interesting back story to this attack. I’d like to believe that the man on the motorcycle is the owner of a butcher shop. The bull has been stalking the man for weeks and has learned his schedule inside and out. On this day the bull was just sitting in the alley waiting for this guy to ride by for his opportunity to besiege him and avenge his brother’s death who was made into brisket.

But it’s probably just a runaway bull with a tiny brain that can’t possibly understand motorcycles and didn’t see him becuase it was charging at full speed.