Motorcyclist Gets Served Heaping Portion Of Instant Karma When Trying To Split Traffic On A Busy Highway

If you’re going to ride your motorcycle and not follow traffic laws, eventually you’re going to learn firsthand just how awful of an idea that is.

Here we see a motorcyclist who was LIT UP when he tried to split traffic on a highway. He was caught behind a car who was switching lanes, and found himself going too fast to do anything but rear end the vehicle. Thankfully he walked away with only a broken wrist and a lesson learned, and nothing more serious.

Also, let me be frank here: I’m not saying that bikers shouldn’t split traffic during traffic jams. Why the hell else would you ride a bike if not to skirt some traffic laws when they’re convenient to you? Every car driver has done the ‘California Roll’ through a stop sign at some point in their lives (not coming to a complete stop and rolling through). We’ve all exceeded speed limits, most of us have taken a phone call in a state where it’s illegal to be on the phone will driving…we’re all rule breakers. My point here is that as a car driver I fully accept those driving infractions to be breaking the law, and if I were to get pulled over and ticketed I’d understand that.

The point of that previous rant is that the exact same thing applies to most bikers. If this biker is in any way pissed that he just fucked up both his bike and his wrist (in addition to the car he hit), he has to have known that if he’s flexing (or outright breaking) the laws of the road for long enough then something like this was bound to happen. And happen it did, he got floored by plowing into the back of a car and found himself chewing on asphalt. Lesson learned? Probably not. It’s not like splitting traffic is a particularly egregious crime committed by bikers, but as we see here it can derail your life for a few weeks or months if you’re not being careful.


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