Denver ‘The Guilty Dog’ Is Back—YouTube’s Most Famous Dog Is Trying To Ruin Christmas

You and everyone you know has seen the original ‘Denver, The Guilty Dog’ video as the original is over 39 million views. That 39 million views is likely a lot closer to 100 million when considering the amount of YouTube trolls who steal a video and upload it as their own. Like I said, Denver’s the most famous dog on YouTube.

Well, Denver’s back and this year she’s trying to ruin Christmas by chewing up all the decorative balls.

It’s not overtly clear what makes these ‘Denver the Guilty Dog’ videos so perfect…whether it’s the dog’s reaction, the owner’s egging the dogs on, the other dog who doesn’t even bat an eyelid when accused, or Denver’s famous reaction. What is clear though is that this sequel to Denver’s famous YouTube has all of the elements of the first one. I’d easily expect this video to do 50M views over the next few years, and that’s a conservative estimate:

via HappyPlace

And here’s the original for comparison:


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