Do NOT Try This At Home: Man Goes ‘Motorcycle Surfing’ At 50 MPH

I think we can go ahead and file this under ‘terribly amazing ideas that nobody should ever, ever try at home’. Above we see filmmaker and motorcycle enthusiast Scott Winn filming a motorcycle gang cruising through Utah, only instead of riding the motorcycles as William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson originally intended this ragtag band of misfits feels the need to surf on top of the bikes.

Who am I to judge what another man does with his motorcycle? If you want to ride standing up instead of straddling that vibrating hog as God intended, so be it. But don’t come callin’ for sympathy when you’ve lost your face, and dignity, after swallowing a pice of asphalt pie….Crappy jokes aside (sorry, I was out late watching the Lightning crush the Rangers’ spirit and am off my game today), how badass does this look:

[via Scott David Winn]