Motorcyclist Captures Insane GoPro Footage Of Brutal Head-On Collision With A Fire Truck

Just a beautiful day cruising along on the mountainside and HOLY FUCK THAT ONCOMING FIRE TRUCK!

The graphic video and .gif below show a head-on collision between a GoPro-clad California motorcyclist and a massive fire truck. The brutal wreck goes down just after the 2:35 mark. In the aftermath, around the 11:00 mark, you see the rider’s friend retrieve the GoPro at his wrecked buddy’s request, which was knocked off his helmet at impact and left sitting on the side of the road.

Luckily, this guy hit a fire truck not a civilian vehicle, and the urgent medical care he required was able to respond quickly. He is alive today despite suffering serious injuries. From the loks ot it, he was going almost 50mph at impact…



Jesse Lopez, who uploaded the video to YouTube on June 5, said the crash occurred on April 1 as he was riding his motorcycle on curving Glendora Ridge Road in the Angeles National Forest.

Lopez said in his YouTube post that he remembers riding on the winding mountain road but couldn’t recall the moments before or immediately after the accident.

Might be a little time before Jesse is riding again. And damn, GoPro’s are durable as shit!

h/t CarBuzz, KTLA