Motorist Gets Out Of Ticket By Telling Officer He Was Distracted Because He Was Staring At A ‘Fat Ass’

A lot of people will tell you that, “Honesty is the best policy.” That’s fucking bullshit. Be honest with your boss how and tell them how you really feel and see how long you keep your job. Be honest and tell your mom how her piss poor her parenting skills led you to be how fucked up you are now. Honesty sucks. People don’t want to hear the truth. That being said, honesty WAS the best policy for this motorist who truthfully explained why he was driving while distracted. He wasn’t checking his phone or talking to his friend in the backseat, his eyes veered off the road because he was ogling a fat ass. Yes. A fat ass.

The crazy part is that IT ACTUALLY WORKED! The cop said that he couldn’t blame him and let the diver go on his merry staring at asses way.

The sad part is that the driver bad-mouthed the cop after not giving him a ticket. Ungrateful. Completely ungrateful. There’s always one tough punk AFTER the situation blows over.